Introducing: Absolute Visual Asset Creation

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Introducing: Absolute Visual Asset Creation

In recent months, we’ve seen digital marketing take on an increased significance in our approach to communicating with fans and promoting new music. With TV and press opportunities dwindling, and radio consumption down, the ability to reach fans online has never been so important.

At Absolute, we’re working with our artists and labels to deliver high quality assets that bring their campaign to life. Whether you have a music video, a great album packshot or want to start from scratch, we can deliver you a bespoke package of assets, optimised for use across the social media landscape.

Combining our experience of social media management and online advertising with our design team, we will set you up with a campaign you’ll be proud of.

Key information:

  • The assets are optimised for all placements and devices (e.g. 15 second vertical videos for Instagram, longer 4:5 videos for feed posts to take up more of the screen etc)
  • All prices and packages are bespoke based on the client’s needs
  • Assets can be planned to run through an entire album campaign from early pre-order stages through to release date and beyond
  • We can match an artist’s overall aesthetic or help to create one for the campaign

Content examples:

  • Music video teaser clips
  • Single / Album Out Now videos
  • TV style adverts with professional voiceovers
  • Social media banners
  • Animated artwork videos
  • 2D and 3D product renders (e.g. vinyl and CD)

Speak to your label manager or email for more information.

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