Spotify Wrapped 2023 Video Messages


Spotify Wrapped 2023 Video Messages

Spotify Wrapped marks that unique moment each year when countless music lovers from every corner of the world come together to revel in their top tunes.

Spotify is extending an invitation to artists to create a brief video message for inclusion in Wrapped, conveying their heartfelt gratitude to fans for their unwavering support throughout 2023. Artists are encouraged to express themselves in a manner that resonates authentically with their unique style and fan community. Whether it’s expressing thanks, sharing memorable moments from the year, or hinting at exciting plans for the future, the stage is theirs.

These video messages will be shared directly with fans on Spotify, neatly packaged within a Wrapped video playlist tailored to listeners who’ve ranked the artist as one of their top choices this year. In an unprecedented move, eligible video messages will also be delivered to listeners through Spotify’s Wrapped data story.

To ensure your message reaches the masses, upload your videos via Spotify for Artists between October 2nd and November 15th, and become a part of your fans’ 2023 Wrapped experience. Individuals holding edit, admin, or label access to an artist’s Spotify for Artists account can submit videos. Wrapped video messages will be accessible to viewers in 70 markets, with all Spotify for Artists participants welcome to join in the video upload.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make it happen:

  • Record a vertical, less than 30-second “thank you” video using a standard mobile device.
  • Make sure your video is free from music, singing, lyrics, explicit content, logos, brands, text, filters, or graphics.
  • Upload it through Spotify for Artists on the app or web platform.
  • Provide a brief caption, no more than 100 characters, to describe the content of your video.

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