YouTube Music Launches Samples


YouTube Music Launches Samples

YouTube is revolutionising music discovery with its new Samples tab, a personalised feature within the YouTube Music app. This innovative feature offers users a seamless feed of short-form video segments (15 Seconds), allowing them to easily explore and find their next favorite song.

The Samples tab delves into YouTube Music’s extensive library, ensuring there’s always fresh music content for you to enjoy. Each video clip provides a sneak peek into the artist, the music video, and the vibe of the song. Users can swipe vertically through these samples, transforming the process of music discovery into an enjoyable and effortless experience.

What sets Samples apart, is the array of actions users can take with each sample. They can add the song to their collection, share it with friends, curate a new playlist, initiate a radio station based on the track, watch the full music video, visit the album page, or even use the song to create their own Shorts video. This comprehensive set of options empowers music enthusiasts to dive deeper into the songs and artists they stumble upon, all without leaving the YouTube Music platform.

But it’s not just users who benefit from this feature; artists can also leverage the Samples tab to expand their reach and foster a dedicated community on YouTube. It represents another avenue for artists to connect with new audiences and cultivate a following within the YouTube ecosystem.

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