How to Pitch Your Music on Spotify for Artists

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How to Pitch Your Music on Spotify for Artists

A step-by-step guide for getting your music pitched on Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for Artists is a great tool for managing your artist profile, seeing how your releases are performing with streaming, engagement, listeners & followers stats, playlist coverage for all your released music and there’s an easy route for you to pitch new releases.

How to Pitch:

  1. Once you have set up and accessed your account, go to the ‘music’ tab and select ‘upcoming’ to view all your upcoming releases that have been delivered to Spotify.
  2. From the available releases, select ‘Pitch a song’ on the track you’d like to put forward.
  3. If the product is an Album or EP, choose a focus track to put forward to Spotify’s editorial playlists.
  4. Search for your Hometown and Location where you’re currently based.
  5. On the ‘Song Details’ page, search and choose up to three genres, two music cultures, two moods & two song styles. Then select all instruments used on the song, there’s no selection limit here.
  6. Click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to indicate if your track is a cover, remix, or instrumental, and choose whether it was recorded in a studio or live. If you entered ‘no’ for instrumental, supply the language of the lyrics.
  7. In 500 characters, include a description of this song, the process of creating it, and any key promotional info.
  8. Check through the summary of the form and if you’re happy you can submit!

Info to note:

  • You can go back and edit the pitch, but any edits within a week of the release date will affect your chances of appearing on Spotify’s Release Radar.
  • If you have multiple upcoming releases, you can only have one pitch in with Spotify at a time, so the option to pitch the next release won’t be available until the one that’s already pitched has been released. In this case you may see ‘You Already Have a Pitch’ next to the un-pitched releases.


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