Best Practices For Spotify

Spotify are increasingly looking for artists to be actively using their platform and to be maintaining their artist profiles in order to be considered for support. We see a trend where artists who have registered for Spotify For Artists (Formerly Fan Insights) are considerably more likely to be picked up for playlist and editorial support over artists who are not registered.

This page will walk you through the steps you need to take to make the most of your Spotify artist profile.

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Signing Up For Spotify For Artists

Setting A Profile Image

Setting an Artist’s Pick

Artist Playlists

Spotify Presave

Tour Dates

Social Media

Build A Following

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Sign Up for Spotify For Artists

Follow the instructions at the link below to register for Spotify for Artists.

Once approved you will be able to complete the actions below.

Set A Profile Image

Once approved for Spotify for Artists you will have the ability to update your profile image on Spotify. You image will switch from being your last release within a circle to being a full width banner.

Within the desktop app visit your artist profile and click edit images.

Spotify Edit Images

You will then be taken to Spotify for Artists where you’ll need to click on the edit button in the top right hand corner.

On the next screen you will be able to upload a new image.

Your new image should avoid any text or logos, be at least 2660×1440 and meet Spotify’s guidelines to be used on their service.

For more help updating your artist image visit this page.

Set an Artist’s Pick

Artist’s pick allows you to pick the release that appears at the top of your artist profile. You can feature any track, album or playlist on Spotify – even those that aren’t your own. Once you set your artist’s pick you’ll be able to add a short message and your artist’s pick will live at the top of your profile for two weeks.

Visit your artist profile via Spotify for Artists to set your artist’s pick. The best way to find your playlist/release when setting an artists pick is by pasting the Spotify URI or URL into the search box.Artists Pick

Set Up Artist Playlists

You can set up playlists and feature these on your artist profile for your fans to find. If you’re stuck for ideas, discography playlists, a playlist of music that inspires you and your day to day playlist are good places to start.

Steps Playlists

You can manage the playlists you’d like to see on your artist profile by logging in to the Spotify for Artists website and selecting ‘Profile’ in the menu on the left.

Manage Spotify Playlists

Spotify Presave

As an Absolute artist you will have access to our Spotify presave functionality. This allows your fans to save your music to their playlists or collections ahead of release.

You can access your Presave link by visiting Absolute Insider.
Spotify Presave

Tour Dates

Concert data on Spotify is aggregated from Spotify’s integrations with Ticketmaster and SongKick. If your live dates are not appearing on your profile you can register for SongKick’s Tourbox which will allow you to add dates directly to your artist profile.

Register here:

Spotify Live Dates

Social Media

Spotify’s integrations with Facebook and Twitter make it easy to share music on your social media platforms. Copying a song, album or playlist link into the status field on Facebook will automatically create a player and similarly sharing a song link on Twitter creates a custom playable audio card. Spotify editorial are looking to see artists are sharing Spotify links on their social media platforms.

You can take this a step further by embedding a Spotify player within tour website which will allow your fans to listen to any song, album or playlist directly from your website. More information about this can be found at the link below.

Spotify Widgets

Build A Following

You should be encouraging users to follow your profile on Spotify. When you release new music your followers will see your new release in their Release Radar playlist, featured inside their Spotify app, and in their personalised new release email.

Followers will also be notified when you’re touring in their area.

Further Information

A wealth of information on maintaining your artist profile can be found on the Spotify For Artists website.

Keep up to date at the Spotify for Artists Blog or by following @SpotifyArtists on Twitter.