How Do I Set Up Spotify for Artists?

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How Do I Set Up Spotify for Artists?

Spotify for Artists allows you to take full control of your artist profile on Spotify.

You’ll be able to set your profile and banner images, display your concerts, edit your bio, upload artist playlists and so much more! In addition you’ll have access to stats about your artist catalogue, and you’ll be able to pitch your upcoming releases directly to Spotify.

To gain access you’ll need to be either the artist or manager and have a Spotify user account. Access can be delegated to other members of your team once the artist or manager has been approved.

To speed up the verification process make sure you include as much information about yourself as you can and link up your artist social media profiles.

Labels and distributors can gain access either by asking the artist, manager or any team member already added or by joining or creating a label team. If you create a label team, you’ll need to share some example tracks or albums owned by your company.

Visit the Spotify for Artists website to get started and check out the Spotify for Artists guide for further information.

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