Absolute PRIDE 2023


Absolute PRIDE 2023

🌈 Embracing Pride: Elevating the Voices of LGBTQA+ Artists and Celebrating Year-Round Support 🎶

The month of June has been dedicated to celebrating and uplifting the extraordinary talent within the LGBTQA+ community. At Absolute we are committed to inclusivity, we take immense pride in showcasing the diverse range of artists who proudly identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and more. This Pride month, we are thrilled to shine a well-deserved spotlight on their exceptional releases, while also emphasizing our year-round dedication to supporting these artists’ journeys.

Within the vibrant tapestry of the LGBTQA+ community, our roster of talented musicians represents a myriad of genres, styles, and experiences. Through their artistry, they have crafted love anthems and anthems of self-acceptance that resonate deeply, inspiring and empowering communities around the world. By amplifying their voices, we aim to showcase greater visibility and understanding, creating a more inclusive musical landscape for all.

Among the many remarkable artists we are privileged to work with, here are some of the notable highlights from their recent releases:

Lucy Spraggan has been steadily releasing singles in the past year from the likes of ‘Balance’, ‘OCD’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘Empire’, all of which have been building up to her upcoming album titled ‘Balance’. Lucy’s remarkable achievements extend beyond her music, as she was honored to serve as Spotify’s GLOW UK & Ireland ambassador throughout April. This prestigious role earned her widespread recognition, with her image gracing billboards across prominent cities like London, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Dublin. Additionally, she was chosen as the cover artist for Spotify’s Rainbow playlist, further solidifying her impact and visibility within the music industry. Her recent singles have also seen significant placements this year across platforms, including Spotify’s GLOW UK & IrelandNew Music Friday UKNew Pop UK, Apple’s New in Pop, Amazon’s Trending Today, TikTok’s New Music and YouTube’s Feel.

Lucy Spraggan is the face of Spotify's GLOW billboard in Leicester Square


Throughout the year, Tia Kofi has been delivering singles such as ‘Curious’, ‘Satellite’, and their latest EP titled ‘Pride. Power. Pop’, showcasing remarkable pop dance tracks to resonate with the queer community during the Pride season. These releases have garnered immense support and appreciation across platforms including being on the cover of Spotify’s Fierce, Radar UK & Ireland and Radar New Dance Revolution playlists as well as a ton of playlist additions across platforms. The recent EP ‘Pride. Power. Pop’ saw a huge amount of platform support including features on Apple Music’s Homepage on the ‘All Things Pop’, ‘Pride and Joy’ and ‘Power Up’ sliders as well as on Apple’s PRIDE page main banner and PRIDE ‘New Release’ slider! The release received strong playlist support across platforms from the likes of Spotify’s Obsessed, New Music Friday UK, Apple’s New in Pop, New Music Daily, TikTok’s New Music, Tidal’s New Arrivals: Global Pop and many more. The focus track from the EP ‘Standing Up For The Lonely’ received an Apple Song Starter playbook for the Strike a Pose playlist!


Dannii Minogue, a global pop icon and a staunch ally of the LGBTQA+ community, has made a triumphant return with her latest summer single, ‘We Could Be The One.’ This infectious track, infused with vibrant 80s influences, serves as the theme song for her immensely popular TV series, ‘I Kissed A Boy.’ The single landed on Spotify’s GLITTER at No.10, was featured on the iTunes homepage as the No.2 Top Song and No.1 Top Song on the Pop page, was added to Apple’s New Music Daily and New in Pop, Deezer’s Brand New UK, Fresh Pop, Radar Weekly, Novedades España as well as Double J’s Pride Party Anthems!


Black Peppa & James Indigo’s powerful track, ‘Money,’ found a well-deserved spot on Apple’s Strike a Pose playlist, further amplifying its impact and reach. Darren Hayes’s captivating song, ‘Feels Like It’s Over (Edit),’ made its mark on Apple’s Today’s Easy Hits, captivating listeners with its irresistible charm. Bananarama‘s ‘Masquerade (The Unmasked Edition)’ was prominently featured on Qobuz’s New Release Slider, solidifying the enduring appeal of their music. Additionally, Bianca James‘s enchanting single, ‘Till I Remember,’ made waves across multiple platforms, including Apple’s Breaking Pop and New in Pop, as well as Qobuz’s Pop Newcomers, bringing her unique sound to the forefront. Other LGBTQA+ releases to mention: Billy Cullum‘s ‘Twisted’ and Lunar June‘s ‘jaded/faded’.

As we eagerly anticipate what the future holds, we are excited to announce some upcoming releases from our talented artists. Bianca James is set to enchant us with her single ‘Black and Blue,’ while Billy Cullum is ready to mesmerize with his album ‘Whatever Happened Next.’

These highlights merely scratch the surface of the incredible talent within our LGBTQA+ artist community. Their contributions to the music industry are invaluable, enriching our collective cultural landscape and challenging societal norms through their creativity.

While Pride Month serves as an important moment to celebrate and honor the achievements of the LGBTQA+ community, our commitment to supporting these artists extends far beyond a single month. At Absolute Label Services, we are dedicated to nurturing their careers, fostering an environment where they can thrive, and continuing to create exceptional music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

As Pride Month draws to a close, let’s continue to celebrate and amplify the voices of our LGBTQA+ artists and show support all year round!

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