YouTube Introduce Handles for Channels

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YouTube Introduce Handles for Channels

YouTube has introduced handles as a new alternative to channel URLs. The feature is designed to help users easily find and engage with creators on YouTube. It’s being gradually implemented across the platform, and it’s possible if you own a YouTube channel you will already have a handle.

For both users and artists, this is a positive move. It makes it quicker and simpler for an artist to share their channel and finally allows artists to unify their handles across all social media platforms, making it easier for fans to find you on all platforms, not just YouTube.

Handles will display on YouTube channels and Shorts videos and enable users to easily mention channels within comments and community posts. Creators can be tagged in video titles of collaborations or in the comments of a video, creating new opportunities for cross promotion.

If your channel has a personalised URL, this will become your default handle. The handle can easily be changed, at any time within YouTube Studio.

For more information, head over to YouTube

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