YouTube’s At Home #WithMe campaign


YouTube’s At Home #WithMe campaign

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), YouTube have been encouraging millions of people around the world to #StayHome #WithMe. With a shift in focus, YouTube are updating their message to reflect the new reality — being At Home #WithMe.

How to get involved:

The easiest way to participate is to incorporate the hashtag #WithMe in anything you live stream or upload. Here are your 3 easy steps to guide you on what to do.

  1. Create an At Home #WithMe video: Share anything to help keep fans entertained, feel connected and productive while staying at home.
  2. Include _____ At Home #WithMe” in the end of your video title: Fill in the blank with whatever you intend you do. Some music-related examples include: Sing At Home #WithMe, Rock At Home #WithMe, Sing out loud At Home #WithMe, Listen to my new album/song At Home #WithMe, Jam At Home #WithMe, Dance At Home #WithMe.
  3. Share with the hashtag #WithMe. YouTube will be monitoring the hashtag to retweet and repost content.

You can download YouTube’s At Home #WithMe logo and font Artist Post Toolkit here.

Promotional Opportunities:

YouTube will be featuring videos tagged #WithMe on their YouTube Spotlight channel and will be driving traffic to this page across all their marketing efforts. They also will be highlighting videos on the YouTube & YouTube Music social channels.

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