Introducing… Absolute Project: Create


Introducing… Absolute Project: Create

Were excited to announce the brand-new Project Create system which allows users to build releases with intelligence that checks metadata, release artwork and audio 

We call this Project Create and we’re excited to help you to use it to set up your next release.

To create your next release, all you need to do is as follows:

  1. Sign in or register for an Absolute Project account
  2. Click on Catalogue then click Create 

Project Create has been built to adhere to guidelines in the Apple Music Metadata Style Guide because Apple Music’s requirements are adaptable to most other digital music retailers. Project Create will alert you if you enter release information that isn’t going to be accepted by digital retailers.   

After you enter your release information and add your release assets, including your audio, release artwork, artist information and lyrics, you will be prompted to click Approve to submit your release to our Digital Submissions team. From there our team will receive a notification to double check your release before it is queued for delivery to digital retailers.

Project Create is intuitive and will guide you through setting up your next release, but if you get stuck on anything our @Digital Submissions team will be on hand to assist you.  



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