Apple Turns Up the Volume on Apple Music for Artists

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Apple Turns Up the Volume on Apple Music for Artists

Apple has introduced new features for Apple Music for Artists giving it a fresh new look and is now more artist friendly! Here’s a breakdown of everything new.

A lot of the new features are to give artists more control and the ability to personalise the info fans can see. The new Artist Profile section lets artists take control of their Apple Music profiles and connect with fans through their own words.

Image and personality are so important whilst connecting with fans and attracting new listeners. The Artist Content section lets you take more control of your Apple Music presence and customise your profile. Artists can answer a series of short questions to create a custom bio that appears on the Apple Music artist page. Artists can add their hometowns, band members, collaborators, influences, and pronouns. There is a new feature to update your lyrics, add new artist images, and share personal artist details, all while keeping tabs on your available content and upcoming releases.

The new Account section of Apple Music for Artists formally ‘Manage’ contains all the access points to add people from your team to your profile, so they can support you and help with your next release.
Some of the roles you can assign to a team include Admin, Analyst, and Profile Editor. Permissions for each of these roles can be dialed in and as granular as necessary.

Finally, the new Measure section gives artists insights into their music and how they measures up on the Apple Music. Explore the Overview, Trends, Places, and information about your music to get a closer look at what’s trending and where. It allows artists to chart their performance and monitor plays, average daily listeners, purchases, and even how many times a song has been Shazamed.

This data breakdown can help you gain meaningful insights about your audience. You can use this information to help strategise how you promote your next release or tour dates..
Ready to try out the new Apple Music for Artists? Log in to your account to get started revamping your artist profile.

Don’t have an account? Here is a how-to guide to claiming yours now.

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