Are you ready to pitch?

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Are you ready to pitch?

Landing a coveted position on a popular streaming playlist can really put the rocket boosters on a track, acting as a catalyst for an artist’s career or raising their status to the next level. There are plenty out there who hold the most-streamed playlists on Spotify and Apple Music as sacred as they do playlists at national radio stations.

More than ever, our artist, manager and label clients ask us about how playlisting works in practice in the hope that they can increase their chances of nabbing a slot on something like New Music Friday or Best of the Week.

Pitching starts with having great music, but it’s also important to pitch the right tracks for the right playlist at the right time – and, in some cases, you need access to the right people as well.

Playlist success starts well before the pitch and continues long after. That’s where artists, managers and labels can really get stuck in and make all the difference. Everything from optimising your profile on streaming platforms, to creating bespoke release artwork, to producing streaming specific edits can all have a major impact on your playlist performance.

Handily, we’ve created a special playlist pitching hub, where you’ll find an easy to digest step-by-step guide to getting pitch ready. Check it out here.

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