Facebook Introduces Music Revenue Sharing

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Facebook Introduces Music Revenue Sharing

Music rightsholders are now able to share ad revenue from videos creators post to Facebook containing licensed music.

Facebook Music Revenue Sharing now available globally, meaning whenever a creator uses licensed music in their videos on Facebook that are 60 seconds or longer, they can earn money on certain videos through in-stream ads, with a share of revenue going back to music rights holders.

With video making up over half of the time spent on Facebook, Music Revenue Sharing helps creators access more popular music, deepening relationships with their fans and the music industry.

Details and eligibility

With Music Revenue Sharing, video creators can produce and share videos featuring music from an expansive catalog of licensed songs without worrying if the music has been licensed by rights holders.

Video creators will receive 20% revenue share on eligible videos, with a separate share going to rights holders and to Meta.

All content created must satisfy Facebook’s monetization policies, Community Standards and music guidelines. Music or videos that violate these terms still risk penalties which may include demonetization.

To be eligible for Music Revenue Sharing, video creators must be eligible for in-stream ads and meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility standards.

In addition, eligible videos must meet these criteria:

  • The Facebook video should be 60 seconds or longer and uploaded to a Facebook Page.
  • The featured song must appear in the Licensed Music library, which contains all eligible songs for Music Revenue Sharing.
  • The licensed music itself cannot be the primary purpose of the video; there must be a visual component in the video.

More details about revenue sharing can be found in the Help Centre.

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