TikTok’s Add to Music App


TikTok’s Add to Music App

TikTok has introduced a groundbreaking feature called “Add to Music App” in the US and UK (with more markets to follow). This feature empowers users to effortlessly store newly discovered songs from TikTok onto their preferred streaming platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. The option, displayed as an “Add Song” button within TikTok videos, enables users to select their preferred streaming service during the initial use.

Once chosen, the track is automatically saved to a default playlist but offers flexibility for users to organise it within their playlists or create new ones. While the chosen service becomes the default for future saves, users have the freedom to adjust this setting in their preferences.

Moreover, this feature seamlessly integrates even from an artist’s Sound Detail Page, streamlining the music curation process. This integration effectively connects TikTok’s vibrant music discovery environment with users’ streaming preferences, resulting in an elevated and personalised music experience for enthusiasts.

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