Embedding Music in Podcast Episodes with Spotify Music + Talk

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Embedding Music in Podcast Episodes with Spotify Music + Talk

Spotify’s Music + Talk format brings together music and spoken-word content to create a unique format that combines full songs and commentary together into one podcast episode. Creators are able to use Anchor to add any of the 70 million songs in Spotify’s library to their podcasts . Listeners then have the ability to interact directly with the music within an episode by liking, saving and sharing each track as they would be able to with any playlist.

You can see Music + Talk in action below:

Shows are available to users on both the Premium and Free tiers of Spotify, with Premium listeners hearing full tracks, whilst Free users hear 30-second previews of each song. All streams are fully monetised.

As an artist releasing music through Absolute Label Services there’s nothing more you need to do – your music is already available for both podcasters to use in their shows, and for you to use in your own podcasts.

You can find out more about Music + Talk and start creating on the Anchor website.

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