Understanding YouTube Copyright Claims

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Understanding YouTube Copyright Claims

If you upload a video to YouTube, you may find yourself presented with a copyright claim if your upload contains copyright-protected content. YouTube’s sophisticated content ID system will automatically generate a claim if your video matches to a recording or video already in the system. 

What If I am an Absolute Client? 

If you are an Absolute client and you notice a copyright claim on your video from [Merlin] Absolute Label Services, there is nothing to worry about. We will maintain our claim as this means we are monetising the video on your behalf.

As part of your distribution agreement with Absolute, we will claim all use of your sound recording copyright on YouTube and pay through the money to your label. 

What If I am not an Absolute Client? 

If you are not an Absolute client and you notice a copyright claim on your video also from [Merlin] Absolute Label Services, it is very likely that your content includes copyright that we administer.

If you accept this claim, then your video will not be blocked or muted on YouTube. However, if you dispute this claim you are either telling YouTube that you are the owner of the copyright, or that you have the right to monetise. If you dispute our claim again, YouTube only leaves us with the option to takedown the video which is something that we like to avoid!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at youtube@absolutelabelservices.com

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