The Absolute YouTube Channel Checklist Part 2: Content Optimisation

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The Absolute YouTube Channel Checklist Part 2: Content Optimisation

In the first part of our YouTube channel checklist, we outlined the vital aspect of creating a compelling, organised Homepage that appeals to both new and established fans. Now, let’s take a look at how you can optimise the content on your channel to increase the number of users interacting with your videos.

Titles and Key Words:

Understanding how YouTube’s discovery algorithm works and using the right keywords in your video’s title can make a real difference to your view count. YouTube itself offers a great video on search and discovery in its Creator Academy hub. You can watch it here.

Video descriptions:

As with the title, the description you give to your video has more implications than simply telling viewers more about what they are watching. Make sure you’re writing smart video descriptions that work hard for your wider goals. In each description, make sure to include:

  • Links to your other social media channels.
  • Links to platforms where fans can stream or purchase songs.
  • Ticketing websites (if you have upcoming live dates, or to get fans to sign up for notifications when you do).
  • A call-to-action. For example, telling your audience to subscribe to your channel or what to watch next.
  • Searchable tags that are related to your video.

Again, head over to YouTube’s Creator Academy to get their advice on effective video descriptions.

About section:

Have you filled the About section on your channel? You should use the About section to tell anyone landing on your channel about the type of content they will find there as well as something about yourself, the artist.

Thumbnail image:

Custom thumbnails are great for grabbing attention. Make sure your chosen thumbnail image is recognisable across all media devices. Test this on your mobile, laptop and even a TV screen.

Frequency of upload:

Uploading videos to your channel on a regular basis shows people you are active and keeps them coming back to see what’s new. You can use YouTube’s Analytics via your Official Artist Channel to find out which videos are performing best with your audience. You can then use this data to influence your content strategy going forward, whether they be official music videos, live sessions, behind the scenes access or something else.

By now you’ve optimised your written and visual content, and you are using analytics to understand your audience’s behaviours. Next time, we’ll look at how you can interact with your fans in YouTube Community.


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