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Apple Music – Spatial Audio

Absolute clients are now able to take full advantage of Apple Music’s Spatial Audio format. Harnessing the power of Dolby Atmos, the format enables a revolutionary, immersive audio experience that allows fans to hear your music in a way they’ve never heard it before.

Apple Music will automatically play Dolby Atmos tracks on all AirPods and Beats headphones with an H1 or W1 chip, as well as the built-in speakers in the latest versions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Albums that are available in Dolby Atmos will have a badge on the detail page for easy discovery.

In order to get started, you will need to be working with a Dolby Atmos enabled studio. You can find a directory of Atmos studios worldwide on the Dolby website.

Once you’re ready to deliver your Spatial Audio release please contact your label manager to begin the delivery process.

Dolby Atmos master spec

  • Dolby Atmos master file must be provided as a BWF ADM file using 24fps timecode for all tracks.
  • All audio must be 24-bit LPCM audio at 48kHz.
  • All deliverables must be conformed and synced to the original stereo reference masters.
  • Target Loudness value should not exceed -18 LKFS measured as per ITU-R BS. 1770-4.
  • True-peak level should not exceed -1 dB TP measured as per ITU-R BS. 1770-4.
  • For albums where gapless playback is intended between tracks:
    • Each album track must be delivered as an individual BWF ADM file.
    • Each track boundary must be no more than half a frame (1,000 samples @ 48 kHz) earlier or later than the same track boundary in the corresponding stereo deliverable.
    • There must be no additional silence at the end of each track when compared to the same track from the corresponding stereo deliverable.

Please let your Label Manager know if you require to set up a Dolby Atmos product and they will arrange for the Digital Submissions team to action this.

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