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Absolute Integrates with Soundmouse

What is Soundmouse?

Soundmouse provides music reporting services to media companies around the world. Soundmouse also provides a music search and download platform that is used by producers to find music to include in their productions. BBC has appointed Soundmouse to provide its new music search and download platform as well as a recognition system to automate the reporting process. Soundmouse reports music usage for its clients directly to collecting societies around the world, so these collecting societies can pay rights owners for use of their copyright sound recordings across radio, TV, online and other forms of media.

How will I benefit?

Your sound recordings and metadata being added to Soundmouse’s database guarantees more reliable usage reporting and more accurate and likely increased payments to you from collective management organisations (CMOs) such as PRS, PPL, APRA, ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, ICE, IMRO, PPCA and more. BBC will only be able to access your sound recordings through their music search and download platform if your music has been provided to Soundmouse.

What do I need to do?

We have recently completed delivering your audio files and metadata to Soundmouse. Please note that the BBC makes final decisions on all music that is loaded into their new platform and requires record labels to sign the Soundmouse Music Organiser Agreement. For information regarding this agreement, please contact Soundmouse’s Helpdesk at helpdesk@soundmouse.com quoting SMBBC in the email subject heading.

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