9 Things For Next Level Social Media

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9 Things For Next Level Social Media

Absolute attended Facebook’s #fblovesmusic day earlier this month, where the social network provided some useful advice for growing artists on both Facebook and Instagram. We scribbled down some notes and have distilled everything into the following bite sized tips for boosting your social media game.

Be Authentic

Authentic content that puts the artist front and centre will always perform best on social media. Let the artist’s genuine personality guide the campaign.

Make videos longer than 3 minutes

The feed ranking fairies on Facebook currently favour long-form video content. Three things that the platform’s algorithm values are loyalty, viewing duration and quality. Come up with video content that lasts more than three minutes and think episodically to keep fans coming back to watch more content.

Portrait or landscape?

90% of video watched on mobile phones is watched vertically. Having a vertical frame works best for personal content (but keep it to two people on screen as a max), whereas horizontal orientation works better for content with a higher production quality, more people or a larger story to be told.

Don’t forget Stories

Over 300 million people use Stories on Facebook while half a billion use them on Insta. Cross-posting is an easy way to reach new audiences and there are various tools that you can use to promote within Stories such as GIFs, links and countdowns, and you can of course add your music to Stories as well.

Build a community

Communities come from conversation. Explore different ways to spark meaningful conversations between your followers. Provide context in the captions of your posts that entice responses and don’t be afraid to ask fans questions. You can also utilise Instagram’s new chat feature to start direct conversations with fans if suitable.

Interact with fans

Speaking of direct contact with followers, interacting on a one-to-one basis is an easy way to turn fans into super-fans. Like and reply to comments and posts you’re tagged in, or go live and utilise creative tools such as stickers and polls.

Utilise groups

For artists with established fanbases, groups can be a home for super-fans. They provide an opportunity for your most dedicated followers to lead conversations without your own input, and a suite of moderation tools help create a safe environment.

Target. But not too much

Treat audience targeting like salt – a little bit is good but too much will kill your campaign. Entertainment audiences are broader than biases assume and going wider can be the most effective way of growing an artist’s brand.

Create content that pops

Facebook and Instagram are about visually striking content that grabs the viewer instantly. To do well, you have to look good. Remember to make the most of Absolute’s Digital Marketing Packs for slick, bespoke, eye-catching social media posts at key points in your campaign: Digital Marketing Packs

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