Artist Mapping on SoundCloud


Artist Mapping on SoundCloud

Correctly mapping a release to your artist’s profile ensures that followers have access to all the artist’s music in one place. It also prevents the creation of duplicate artist pages which will confuse fans and may lead to a reduction in stream counts. For these reasons, we’ve made it as easy as possible to ensure that your artist’s music will be available on their profile on release day.

When setting up a product on Project you can add an artist’s Soundcloud ID to ensure that the release will be mapped to the correct page.

The artist’s Soundcloud ID should be added alongside the Apple and Spotify IDs below:

You can use the ‘Lookup Artist ID’ if you haven’t already copied the artist ID. Project only needs the last part of the URL, for example:

Artist ID: thebeatles

You’ll only need to add this ID once, Project will automatically pull in this ID when setting up future products.

If the artist doesn’t already have a Soundcloud artist page then leave the box blank and one will be generated for you.

We can request that releases which have been incorrectly mapped to your profile be removed and remapped to another profile. Similarly, we can request that two or more artist pages be merged if there are duplicate pages for one artist.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email the team at

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