What Do You Do? Eliana Medalie, Pitching & Retail Marketing

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What Do You Do? Eliana Medalie, Pitching & Retail Marketing

For the latest interview in our What Do You Do? Series, we sat down with our very own Eliana Medalie, who pitches all our releases for playlisting and editorial support across streaming services. She’s let us in on the best tips for getting your pitch perfect!

How does your role contribute to a release campaign/artist career?

Playlist pitching is a vital part of any release campaign. If the artist has secured press, premieres, radio play, TV appearances, is creating a music video, has an upcoming EP or has a gig booked, and no one knows about it – there isn’t much point in doing it. Pitching releases to streaming platforms gives artists the best possible chance at securing playlist placements and other kinds of editorial support, which in turn contributes to an artist’s stream count, visibility, fanbase growth, and ultimately more money in their pockets.

What does a typical day look like in your job?

At the start of the week, I look at our pitching tracker where we collate all the pitches submitted to us by Label Managers, artists or their teams, and go through the information. I spend the week pitching the upcoming releases to streaming platforms using different tools and our contacts we have access to as a distributor/label services provider. I also spend time answering emails from our clients about ways they can improve their pitches, monitoring our editorial successes when tracks have been released, and seeing whether we can repitch releases for extra support.

What’s the biggest misconception about what you do?

That somehow, I am able to guarantee playlisting. I regularly advise artists on everything they need to include in their pitch to optimise their chances of getting support. Each DSP prefers different kinds of content, and I make sure to adhere to this when pitching to each platform. But ultimately, I am not the curator. I cannot force someone to put a track in their playlist. The track may be my favourite track of all time, and have an excellent campaign running around it, but if the curator doesn’t like it, that’s not on me!

If I’m an artist or manager, what can I do to get the most out of your area of work?

Have conversations with your Label Manager about your pitch. If you’re unsure about the content of your pitch, and think ‘I just need to get it in so I can tick that task off my list’ – don’t! Feel free to send across what you have, and we can have a look and send it back how we think you should present your info in the pitch form, and we’ll explain why we’ve made those choices, so you can submit the next pitch with confidence. If pitching is an area of mystery or uncertainty for you, that’s completely fine – that’s what we’re here for!

On the other hand, if you have a really strong release and a campaign to match, let us know so we can see if there are any specific, larger opportunities we can pitch for. Pitching is a very case-by-case job, so no one answer fits all.

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