Using Your Email Database With Facebook Advertising

Facebook Email Banner

By Robbie Semmence

It’s no secret that sending mailers to fans can be a great way of driving sales but is that all the email address is good for? In short, no.

Your mailing list can be used to create highly targeted, low budget (I’m talking around £25, rather than £250) ad campaigns on Facebook, often yielding a very high ROI. The social media giant has an incredibly powerful tool enabling you to upload your entire mailing list to its Ad Manager and create a custom audience from your subscribers.

What does this mean? It means Facebook will match the email addresses on your mailing list with the profiles of its users, and create an audience of fans that you can advertise to.

This has two huge benefits. The first is gaining access to the heaps of data that Facebook has stored on every user of the platform, something that I will discuss in a separate piece in the coming weeks. The other is the ability to advertise to a particular group of fans via emails and Facebook adverts, simultaneously.

Your mailing list usually represents the most engaged portion of your fan base and depending on how you’ve acquired the list, it will often consist of past customers, ticket buyers and fans that want to be first to hear all news relating to your artist.

For a relatively very small amount of budget you will be able to target these fans with high value products and merchandise that the casual listener is unlikely to be interested in, maximising profit for minimal spend.

Try it yourself. The link below has full details on how to upload your mailing list and create a custom audience for advertising. Start with a small budget and see what results you get before committing to increasing your ad spend.