Using Your Direct To Fan Store Data To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook Email Banner

By Robbie Semmence

In my last blog piece, I introduced the concept of using email addresses to advertise on Facebook and the effectiveness of being able to reach your most engaged fans (and best customers) with a very small budget.

Now I want to take that a step further a discuss how this data can be utilised when running a Direct-to-Fan store, to really start driving sales, by segmenting your database before you upload it to Facebook.

One of biggest benefits of running your own store, is the data you’ll gather from doing so. You’ll know where your customers live, which products they bought and most importantly, which products they didn’t buy.

By segmenting this data into groups, you’re able to design highly targeted advertising campaigns, knowing that the fans you’re advertising to haven’t already bought the products you’re promoting. For example, if I know a customer has bought my CD then I can leave them out of my targeting group when I’m next promoting it, reducing the amount of budget wasted.

When running these campaigns, it’s important to really understand what your customers are after. A fan that buys a CD and a ticket is quite likely to be willing to consider buying a t-shirt from the same artist but would a fan that bought a ticket and a t-shirt really want a CD or did they leave that out because they only stream music?

It’s not an exact science – it’s about making calculated guesses about your fanbase, using the data you already have. The data will be collected whether you use it or not, so make the most of it!

Give it a go…export your customer list from your store and split it up into groups based on the products ordered. Upload these different lists to create several custom audiences and spend £15 targeting each list, promoting a product they don’t already have but that you think they might want and see if this works for you. As always, start small and increase your budget if you’re seeing positive results.