Create a Buzz

To pick up playlist support from streaming services you’ll need to demonstrate that fans are actively coming to the platforms to listen to your music. It’s now more important than ever before to have a solid release plan in order to maximise the activity around your new release.

DSPs are likely to review social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for proof that your fan-base is engaging with you. An engaged fanbase doesn’t necessarily mean you have thousands of followers. As an example, if 150 of your 500 fans have reacted to your latest post, this is great evidence of an engaged fanbase.

Make sure you encourage your fans on social media to follow you on their streaming service of choice so they can keep up to date with your latest releases.

Introducing yourself and your music to relevant blogs, websites and tastemakers can lead to features, interviews and most importantly, exposure to a wider audience. Securing press attention for your release can increase your chances of being included in coveted playlists, including ‘Fresh Finds’ on Spotify.

Fresh Finds playlists are compiled by Spotify analysing the streaming activity of tastemaker listeners whose listening habits are ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of listening to music which later becomes popular. Fresh Finds playlists are compiled and updated every Wednesday.

Every Spotify user has their own Release Radar playlist – updated every Friday. When you release a new track, it will be included in the Release Radar playlists of your Spotify followers.

Every Monday Spotify create a unique Discover Weekly playlists for each user based on their listening habits and the activity of those with similar music tastes. Additionally Discover Weekly takes into account the artists each user follows and the music they are saving to their own playlists.

Digital marketing, radio, TV, press and having a solid live schedule will have a positive effect on your campaign. During your release week use Spotify for ArtistsApple Music for Artists and Absolute Project to keep a close eye on your numbers and tweak your campaigns as appropriate.