Meta Launch New Instagram Creator Tools

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Meta Launch New Instagram Creator Tools

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Meta, starting with the launch of several new features for Instagram.

These are:

  • Remix any Video on IG
  • Testing Feed Changes
  • IG Badges in Live
  • Sound Effects!
  • Instagram Posts with Reminders for an Event

Remix any Video on IG

To help you respond to and reinvent the creative videos shared on Instagram every day, Meta is announcing the ability to remix any new public video on Instagram, in addition to Reels. This works the same way as Remix on Reels, from creation flow to settings, unifying the experience for all videos in the ecosystem. The length of the total remix will be up to 60 seconds.

To remix an Instagram video:

  1. Navigate to an Instagram video. Please note: You will not be able to remix an Instagram video that was shared before this new feature became available unless you enable remixing at the video level.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu
  3. Select “Remix This Video”
  4. Record your response or add from your camera roll
  5. Your remix will be visible anywhere you share reels

With the vibrancy and diversity of video shared on Instagram every day, you’ll never run out of inspiration and new creative ways to use Remix. Capture your reaction or bring your own perspective to the latest trends on Reels. Learn more in the Help Centre.

Testing Feed Changes

Meta is testing new ways for people to have more choice and control over what they see in feed. These tests include the ability to switch among three different views on your home screen: 1/Home 2/Favourites 3/Following – to hear more about these tests from Adam Mosseri – click here

IG Badges in Live – default on

Meta have announced that starting January 2022, Badges will be automatically turned on for all eligible creators, to make it easier for them to monetise their live content. While many will find this change beneficial, you still have the option to turn this off if you’d like. To learn more about Badges in Live and get ready for the new year, click here!

Sound Effects!

Meta are adding a new creative tool editor so you can add Sound Effects when creating audio in your Reels! This feature is accessible in the new Audio Hub, a centralised audio control and editing experience in the Reels camera post-capture. This feature is currently rolling out so keep an eye out for it.

Instagram Posts with Reminders for an Event

Instagram are introducing the ability to create posts with reminders for an event. You can already let your community set a reminder for an upcoming Instagram Live. Now, you can let them set reminders for events that happen outside of Instagram, such as tickets going on sale for a performance.

When you create a new Instagram post, you’ll see the option to “Add Reminder” and input details for an event up to 3 months ahead. People who see the post can tap on the bell icon, which will appear in the bottom left corner of the post, to opt into reminders.

How does it work?

  1. Create a new Feed post.
  2. Select “Add Reminder” and input a title for your event, start time, and end time (optional).
  3. Select “Done.”

More info on the Help Centre here

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