Manufacturing and Importing Post-Brexit

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Manufacturing and Importing Post-Brexit

On the 31st December this year, the year-long Brexit transition period will end, and this will have a significant impact on CD and vinyl distribution.

The vast majority of CD stock in the UK market is manufactured in mainland Europe, as is much of the vinyl. This means that if you are planning on manufacturing stock in Europe from 2021 onwards you will need to have customs and import arrangements in place.

Additional costs will be incurred on all stock being shipped from Europe, and large delays are predicted at border crossings from January 1st onwards – so please build these factors into your manufacturing budgets and lead times.

If you manufacture via Absolute, we will look after every step of this process for you – and you don’t need to take any action. If you manufacture stock yourself or import from a European partner – and you don’t have customs arrangements in place yet – please contact



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