Upload Your Lyrics with Musixmatch


Upload Your Lyrics with Musixmatch

We’ve put together the following guide to help you to get your lyrics uploaded or updated across all of the major streaming services.

Musixmatch lets you upload lyrics for your own music to be displayed across the most popular streaming services and social media platforms.

You can even use the Musixmatch app to sync your lyrics line by line or word by word in real time.

To ensure your lyrics are available on these platforms, the best first step to take is to become a verified artist on Musixmatch.

Absolute has partnered with Musixmatch to help you to claim your Verified Artist profile on Musixmatch.

After you submit your request Musixmatch will verify your account within 24 – 72 hours and once you’re verified you can upload or update your lyrics across platforms like Instagram Stories, Google, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Shazam, and Spotify.

There are two options for editing lyrics; via Musixmatch for Artists webpage or via the app – please note, in both cases a Spotify Premium Account is required to add and sync lyrics.

Please note that you can’t upload lyrics before your release is commercially available.

How to get real-time lyrics by following these steps:

  1. Get verified as an artist on Musixmatch
  2. Add lyrics within Musixmatch and be sure to format all text according to their guidelines*
  3. Download the Musixmatch app for mobile from your app store.
  4. Search for your song
  5. Make sure the lyrics appear
  6. Connect the app to a streaming platform
  7. Click the “play” button for the song
  8. Click “sync lyrics”
  9. Use the down button to scroll through the lyrical lines in time with the music

*Lyric Guidelines

    • Listen to the song from a reliable audio source as you transcribe
    • Only add lyrics you have transcribed yourself 
    • Transcribe all repeated parts in a song
    • Transcribe the lyrical audio content only
    • Always listen to the entire song while transcribing
    • Don’t copy and paste from other sources
    • Don’t use multipliers (e.g. avoid x2)

Read our blog post to how to get your lyrics on Spotify and lyric guidelines.

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