Lord of the Mics Makes Music Ally’s 2015 Best Campaigns List

Music Ally

Absolute’s digital marketing campaign for Lord of the Mics was featured in MusicAlly’s “Year’s Best Music Marketing Campaigns” for 2015, alongside artists such as Disclosure, Iron Maiden & Jess Gylnne.
Identifying our audience, where they were and how they were consuming content was one of the key factors in turning a relatively small budget into a top 10 charting compilation.

Absolute set up a partnership between LOTM and VEVO which saw the video platform have the exclusive on over 20 videos, built a direct-to-fan store on Music Glue combining Music, Merch and ticketing and built every element of the campaign into a mobile app, allowing fans to access the brand on-demand.

Click here to see Music Ally’s “Year’s Best Music Marketing Campaigns” (Lord of the Mics – Page 16)