Using Live Streaming As An Artist

Using Twitter’s live broadcasting app, Periscope, artists can record live video streams and share them with their network. This works particularly well for solo artists who can practice their music in front of a live audience, allowing fans to comment and engage in real time with them.

A great example of this is a new artist Absolute are working with, called Parker. A classical artist who performs for several hours per day, she has taken to live streaming some of those practices and explaining to her fans what she is practising and what’s important. Using relevant hashtags on the posts, she can make her live streams more discoverable to people who have similar interest to her fans – growing that fan base.

With YouTube recently adding the ability to watch live streams via mobile, there’s a host of ways you can do a live stream from your mobile to your audience. Get in touch with Absolute’s Digital Marketing team if you have an idea for engaging fans through live streams that you’d like to discuss…