Live Streaming on YouTube

Broadcasting Live

Live Streaming on YouTube

Live streaming gives artists the opportunity to connect with their fans directly wherever they are in the world. Video streaming platform YouTube allows users to set up live broadcasts from their computers and mobile devices, with advanced users able to use external hardware and software to create professional broadcast quality streams. Live streaming on YouTube suits artists who have already built up a strong subscriber count on their own YouTube channel or Official Artist Channel.

Enabling Live Streaming

In order to live stream on YouTube you first need to make sure your account has been verified by adding a mobile number. Once verified you will need to make sure live streaming has been enabled. Use the Status and Features page to check and activate.

Warning: Be sure to plan ahead as enabling live streaming for the first time will take up to 24 hours. Once enabled you will be able to go live instantly.

Live Streaming from a Computer

On your computer visit and follow the prompts on screen to start or schedule a live stream. Find out more about live streaming from desktop.

Live streaming from a Mobile Device

Creators with more than 1,000 subscribers to their channel are able to start live streams from the YouTube mobile app.

To start streaming simply tap the camera button in the YouTube app. Find out more about live streaming from mobile.

Using an Encoder

Live streaming using an encoder gives you greater flexibility over your broadcast. You’ll gain the ability to use external audio or video hardware, use multicam setups, broadcast gameplay streams and more. To find out more visit YouTube’s guide on live streaming with an encoder.

Tip: Schedule your live stream ahead of broadcast. You’ll then be able to share the broadcast link on social media ahead of going live, fans will be able to request a reminder notification when your broadcast is due to start.

You can find extensive guides on YouTube live streaming in YouTube’s Help Centre.

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