Janet Devlin Confirms New EP “December Daze”

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Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin grew up outside the village of Gortin in County Tyrone. She thrived on a diet of watching Kerrang! TV and taking regular bus rides to local record stores in nearby Omagh. Fuelled by a love of bands like Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers and inspired by their song-writing, she stole herself away to her parents’ shed and taught herself to play instruments by ear and penned her own songs where nobody else could hear her sing. Clearly all her secretive musical training paid off.

In 2011, she caught the public’s attention on Series 8 of The X Factor, where she consistently received the highest consecutive public vote out of all the contestants.  Then her debut album ‘Running With Scissors’ rocketed to number one on the UK Indie Breakers chart and launched her successfully as an artist in the USA where she is in constant demand. And now, still at the tender age of twenty, Janet is busy writing album number two.

In the meantime, to keep her hungry fan base of ‘Devlinators’ sated,  November will see the release of her festive E.P. ‘December Daze’: an assortment of original seasonal songs and a couple of festive chestnuts thrown in to the merry mix. The new E.P. will be available to pre-order through PledgeMusic along with a range of festive goodies, exclusive offers and experiences, including a Christmas Day skype call from Janet! All the details on https://janetdevlin.pmstores.co.

Janet on the title track:    
I wrote this song in New York …It was a truly inspiring time to write a Christmas song as I’d gone for a walk in Central Park and it was covered in snow reminding me of all the classic Christmas films that had been made there. .  Back in my hotel I sat on the 36th floor with my guitar player and the view of Times Square watching people with their woolly hats and oversized coats … Within these moments “December Daze” was born….
With the highly emotive track ‘River’ Janet pays homage beautifully to the amazing Joni Mitchell. (“one of the most beautiful Christmas songs to exist.”) ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is instantly recognisable as a classic Christmas track: reflecting on the year that’s passed and imploring us all to enjoy what remains. On the fourth track, ‘Happy Holidays’,  Janet plays drums, percussion, ukulele, glockenspiel and features a guest appearance from a choir made up of her merchandise warehouse team. Inventive, not to mention multi-tasking! For the final track on the E.P., Janet chose ‘Silent Night’ – a traditional song sung a cappella to haunting effect.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Janet is very much looking forward to the next few months when she’ll be back in the studio in the New Year to start recording her new album masterpiece ‘Holy Water’. Janet is not afraid to showcase her musical maturity to full effect: the album will be a heartfelt, personal affair with a strong emphasis on the emotion associated with each song. Keep your ears prepped and ready. Exciting times lie ahead for Janet Devlin.

In the meantime – It’s Christmas!

1.    December Daze
2.    River
3.    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
4.    Happy Holidays
5.    Silent Night

Live Date:
Friday 20th November 19:30: St Pancras Old Church, London, NW1 1UL

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