How To Optimise Your YouTube Videos For Search

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By Terri Lucas

With over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, the competition is fierce amongst content creators. The big question is how does your video get found amongst the hundred millions of hours of footage on the largest search engine in the world?

Video optimisation plays a huge role in discoverability. But what does video optimisation consist of? This can range from engaging thumbnails, good descriptions and concise titles. As well as this, there is tagging. This is the use of descriptive keywords which can be added to your video at the point of upload or anytime thereafter using your Video Manager. These keywords are not publicly visible but will be relevant to your video and will determine where your content ranks in the YouTube search results, so it is important that your using the appropriate terms.

Looking into your analytics can be a useful way of understanding your audience. Where they are located, how they are finding your content, and how you could bring them back to your channel. These insights are beneficial and can be found in your Creators Studio by following the steps below.

Creator Studio > Analytics > Traffic Sources > YouTube Search

Imitating these search terms in your tagging can prove very useful. In some cases, you may find your videos being searched for by people from different communities speaking a variety of languages, this will be evident in your top search terms. Translating your tags to some of the languages of your audience will only make your content more searchable.

The Digital team at Absolute are working with labels and their YouTube channels, to help make their videos more discoverable. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how you could make your content easily found.

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