Facebook Video Consumption Increasing

As you may have heard in recent weeks and months, Facebook video consumption is on the up. As part of a move to compete with YouTube as a video platform, Facebook is now rewarding native video uploads (videos uploaded directly to Facebook rather than shared from YouTube) with a bigger reach than that of an embedded YouTube video.

Short video (15-20 second clips) content is more popular than ever as the majority of Facebook users engage with content primarily from their news feeds on the mobile app in short bursts, several times throughout the day and often using mobile data.

Longer videos, such as Music Videos, will also benefit from an increased reach but are less likely to experience the same level of virality in users’ news feeds due to people’s short attention spans and the limitations of using mobile data.

Facebook has introduced some features to encourage users to upload directly to Facebook. Video view counts are the primary reason that artists and labels tend to still opt for posting a link from YouTube over a native upload, but view counts on native uploads are now being rolled out across the platform. Facebook have also implemented a ‘call-to-action’ feature, similar to YouTube annotations, linking to an external URL via a customisable button in the corner of videos.

As data plans become cheaper and video consumption increases, expect to see artists and labels using native uploads to promote video content more and more.