Digital Marketing In 2015

Facebook / Video Retargeting


2015 saw Facebook make a big push to break into the video streaming market, with some impressive results. With this, came the ability to retarget users that have engaged with our videos and deliver highly targeted and efficient advertising campaigns. This has enabled us to create relevant video content knowing that the end result is a large audience of users that have been previously engaged and are far more likely to convert to sale. This method proved highly successfully when Absolute used video footage of a former TV soap star recording his album to create a custom audience of engaged users who were then served with adverts promoting the PledgeMusic campaign, an experience-led platform. By giving fans a glimpse of the creative process we generated interest around the album itself and fans bought into the experience at the order stage of the campaign.

Direct to Fan / Advertising


Absolute have been working closely with direct-to-consumer company Music Glue to create tailored D2C campaigns around our artists releases. In 2015, Darren Hayes re-released 3 live DVDs as a product for his core audience, with a limited marketing budget. This presented an opportunity to largely cut out the traditional retail routes and sell directly to his fan base. Darren has a global audience with a particularly large fan base in the UK and the US, leading us to use several fulfilment centres around the world to keep the customer cost as low as possible. As the DVDs were re-releases, the focus was to drive as many sales as possible as efficiently as possible, without worrying about chart position and week 1 sales. Using sales data from Darren’s previous D2C campaigns and other physical products, we identified several towns and cities around the world with engaged fans and picked them off one-by-one with micro advertising campaigns. Each small spend on the campaign drove incremental profit – enabling us to target a new city and repeat the process


iOS/Android Mobile App

LOTM Apps.fw 2Absolute built our first in-house mobile app around the release of Lord of the Mics 7. The need for an artist app is rare in most cases as fans would need to have an app for each artist they follow rather than having every artist in one app (Facebook/Twitter etc), however, LOTM was a unique situation. With over 20 artists participating and promoting the project, we were able to create a destination for grime fans to discover exclusive content, buy CDs, Merchandise & tickets, play knowledge quizzes and win prizes.
The app enabled us to send push notifications to fans’ phones announcing new products, special offers and content releases, resulting in a far higher conversion to sale per customer than any Facebook or email marketing campaign we’ve seen. The app was a key component of the campaign and will continue to be for future LOTM releases.