Checklist For a Strong YouTube Channel

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YouTube’s accessibility and its 1 billion monthly users make it one of the places you’re most likely to attract new fans online. But are you programming your channel in the best way to ensure that your music gets discovered?

Checklist For a Strong YouTube Channel

  1.  Are you making yourself easily recognisable by having a custom profile picture and channel art?
  2. Are you including key words in Titles, and optimising descriptions and tags to help your audience and YouTube’s discovery system?
  3. Are you using a channel trailer?
  4. Are you regularly uploading to your channel?
  5. Are you creating Playlists and using the Sections feature to showcase a number of Playlists at one time?
  6. Are you grabbing the attention of your audience through the use of custom thumbnails?
  7. Are you enhancing viewer experience through the use of cards?
  8. Have you joined the YouTube Partner Program which enables you to monetise your content?

Channel Tips If You Have A Mobile-First Audience

  1. Are you avoiding using annotations in videos? (Be aware they don’t appear on mobile playback)
  2. Are you promoting your videos outside of YouTube on platforms such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook?
  3. Are you ensuring that your custom thumbnails can be viewed easily on a smaller screen?