Absolute Project Launches!


Your Own Label Analytics Hub

Exclusive to our clients, we’re excited to announce the launch of Absolute Project, the online hub empowering you with real-time worldwide sales and streaming data from our partners, for your releases.

Using intelligent data about your releases from iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, HMV, Beatport, and more, you’ll be given full transparency to track and manage your campaigns.

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Daily Data In One Place

Register now to access daily updates for your releases, where you can tailor data sources and time period to see how your campaign is reacting with the market.

Absolute Project is unique in enabling you to track sales from physical and digital retailers against one another – providing a complete snapshot of how your release is performing and empowering you to shape your marketing campaign based on data.


Fan Demographic Data

Understand your fans better and build your campaigns based on Age & Gender info on who your active fans are. Track fan data by title, to understand which releases connect with your target fans the best.

Geo Location of Fans

Absolute Project gives you unprecedented access to knowing where your fans are. Plan tours and marketing on region and city level detail from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & YouTube.

Artist Data Hub

All of your artist’s data from a variety of online spaces in one place – Absolute Project pulls gig data from Songkick, Biographies from Music Brainz, Wikipedia info and more to paint a complete picture of your artist online.

Playlisting Tool

Deep-search your catalogue and respond to sync-company briefs with a custom playlist. You can quickly browse your releases by keyword, lyric, year, genre, BPM and more to get back to sync opportunities with the perfect tracks.


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