Absolute Digital Submissions

If you’re an existing client of Absolute Label Services, you can find all resources & specifications for digital releases below:

What files do you require to release my music?

In order to release your music on Digital Service Platforms (DSPs), we require the following:

  • The completed Metadata
  • Artwork
  • Mastered Audio Files

Download the metadata template:

Submit Your Lyrics:

  • Click here to submit lyrics for your tracks
  • Currently, iTunes/Apple Music is the only major DSP accepting lyric submissions. All other DSPs aggregate lyrics from third party lyrics suppliers.
  • We are no longer accepting lyrics via email

What format should my artwork be & how do I send you it?

What format should my audio be & how do I send you it?

What if I have Mastered For iTunes (MFIT) Masters?

  • Please send the 24 Bit mastered WAV files
  • Be sure to inform us the audio meets MFIT requirements
  • If submitting Mastered For iTunes files, please send 24 bit masters & inform us which accredited Mastering House/Engineer worked on the project
  • Please follow the above instructions on zipping & delivering these files to us

Need to deliver a music video to Apple?

  • Please fill out the metadata form and mark the asset as a video in the “Track Type” column
  • Please send the following information to your video director/producer.
    • Presentation
      • 1 second of black/silence at the beginning & end of the video
    • Video:
      • Container: QuickTime (.mov file extension)
      • Video Codec: Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) codec
      • Frame Dimensions: 1920×1080
      • Frame Rate: Minimum 23.98 frames per second (progressive)
      • Bit Rate: Between 88mbps – 220mbps
    • Audio:
      • Codec: Linear PCM
      • Format: Big Endian or Little Endian
      • Sample Rate: 48kHz
      • Sample Depth: 16 or 24 bit
      • Channels: Stereo
    • Failure to adhere to these specifications can & will likely incur additional QC/encoding charges.

I have a film to deliver. Can you help?

  • Yes!
  • The same video specs above apply plus:
    • Closed Captions must be supplied as a Cheetah International Caption File (.cap – preferred) or alternatively a Scenarist DVD file (.scc)
  • Artwork:
    • JPG
    • RGB Colour Mode
    • 2:3 Aspect Ratio
    • 2000×3000 pixels (minimum)
    • 300DPI (if possible)
  • Pricing:

Still want to know more?

If you have any further questions please contact your label manager or email digitalsubmissions@absolutelabelservices.com

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